Jungle Juice Black Label leather cleaner

Jungle Juice Black Label leather cleaner

10ml bottle of mischief!

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10ml Executive range Jungle Juice Black Label. THIS IS THE STRONGEST YOU CAN GET ANYWERE not to be missed.

EXECUTIVE RANGE: Bottles in this range are triple refined and are very very very strong leather cleaner.

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A Special range of leather cleaners.

Safety Guidelines


You can buy poppers and leather cleaner her at poppersRus

Average grade

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From Comment
2021-03-16 Dan M 10 out of 10
2021-02-12 Ian L The best of the best, never found anything that comes even close
2019-10-10 Louis E A bit stronger than some I have tried, I was happy with the results
2019-08-01 Walter F Read the reviews and they all seemed positive so thought I would give them a crack. They live up to it, I dont know why I have bothered with any of the others before haha
2019-07-24 Michael O Never disappoints!
2019-07-16 Daniel S I have been working my way through all the poppers brands for a while now and always find myself wanting to come back to these. 100% worth the slightly higher price. No headaches after, bottle lasts a good amount of time.I always prefer to get the smaller bottles as they fit in my pocket better.
2019-07-11 Simone W Bit pricier than others but worth it for how strong and lasting they are
2019-06-28 Tommy L Best price I could find, I'm made up with how fast they were delivered.
2019-06-25 Johnny W I love how strong these are, I used to always stick with LG but was made up to find these as it just wasnt doing as much for me any more, I would reccomend them to anyone who is stuck in a bit of a rutt
2019-06-14 Denny R This IS the best, amazing strength no headache, kept me going and going what more could you want?
2019-06-13 Oliver R Love it! The strength is amazing so far they are the best I have had.
2019-06-05 Shane W Delivery was fast I will buy again
2019-04-25 Natalie D I found JJ Black to be really long lasting (obviously with cling film and stored in the fridge). They came when they were supposed to and were securely packaged.
2019-04-23 Donna L The best there is out there!!
2019-04-18 Danny R Great communication from the team at Poppers R Us,ordering was simple and delivery was fast.
2019-03-19 Tom J P I think these are spot on and same can be said for the site. Delivery was quick, all came in unmarked packaging and JJB is insane I will be buying again.
2019-03-13 Andy V The closest to the old stuff I have been able to find
2019-03-01 Stephen T Delivery was superb and was strong enough to keep me going all night
2019-01-21 Carlos F Price is excellent, the product is high quality I will be buying again.
2018-10-19 Stephen C I used to order somewhere else but it just got more and more complicated and the prices kept rising so I decided to look elsewehere and I am happy I did. Poppers r us made it super easy to order and everything was delivered as promised Im just sad I didnt find it sooner. The Jungle Black was amazing, made for hours of fun!
2018-09-27 Karl H Used it for years, if it aint broke dont fix it!
2018-07-31 Jenkins D The best by far.
2018-05-21 Craig J JJ is a great brand, consistent in its high quality.
2018-05-01 Lee R They arnt messing when they say its strong
2018-04-06 Freddy W I always get Jungle Juice but there is something about the JJblack that makes it way more effective for me, might just be me.
2018-04-04 Dustin Really easy site to get around, ordering was super quick and was delivered on time.
2018-03-01 Darcy G Best out of all the Jungle Juices I think
2018-02-28 Stuart D These are so long lasting, they always make a nice change to my usual Liquid Gold.

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